RX100 VII- 4 months later

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RX100 VII- 4 months later

I believe that 4 months of use are enough for me to get the feel of this camera, without completely understanding all the functions and setings available.

This is basically a continuation of my previous post from a couple of months ago, where i've posted several samples. This time we're getting a bit more technical.

More specifically, the M7 has a few useful setings which are not found on other cameras that i know of. One of them is the ability to tweak the metering system. So my camera was overexposing even when using exposure compensation, the solution was to set the metering system to underexpose by default at 1/6, this helped with my overexposure problem(it's called exposure standard adjust in the menu).

Another unique feature is the ability to set a priority in the wb preset, i chose the "white" option, which produces a warmer WB. The other options are "ambient" and standard.

Not sure why the camera needed these options, as it would have easier for sony engineers to simply implement better metering and WB presets to begin with, something other companies(olympus, panasonic) never had a problem with.

Nonetheless, they are there and they are useful.

So now my camera produces warmer tones using the "shade" WB preset and the metering in bright sunlight is more accurate.

Other issues are not as easy to fix. Like i already said, the lens on the M7 is very sharp in the 24-100mm interval, however at 200mm images can be very soft and shaky, the IS system is clearly not as advanced as reviews and users claimed to be. Even at 1/200 shutter speed in broad daylight, you can get motion blur if you don't keep the camera perfectly steady.

These aspects become very obvious when i do cat photos, one of the things i wanted to get the M7 to begin with.

Once i go past 100mm, the quality drops noticeably and i struggle to get sharp images, not even the animal eye detection AF option works reliably. If i use Auto mode the sitiation improves somewhat, but the results are still dissapointing.

This is a bit counterintuitive, because the M7 can produce sharp images at 200mm when shooting buildings and such, it just doesn't like small furry animals apparently.

Again, iso performance can be very good, i tested iso 5000(at the wide end) after sunset and the results were much better than what my panasonic tz100 produced, however this did not prevent me from getting noisy cat images in the afternoon, when the sun hasn't set yet, but the amount of light has dropped.

So, i would not recommend this camera for pets or anything similar, despite this being one of the reasons i wanted it to begin with.

There is one aspect i have not discussed yet that saves the rx100 VII from being just an above average performer, and that is video.

I have studied the video files produced with this camera and i have to admit the M7 is a great video camera. The files are sharp, with good colors, good stabilisation, mike input, flip screen, low noise even in the dark, and an eye detect AF that works pretty good. The zoom range is also perfect for video.

The only flaw i could find in the video department is that the camera will get warm after about 5 minutes of recording, but this only apllies in warm climates, at above 28 degrees celsius. At around 20 degrees celsius, the camera stays cool for a considerably longer time.

At this point in time, i could say the M7 is a better performer as a video camera than as a stills camera and this is true, but the fact that it does produce very sharp images in the 24-100mm area also saves it from being dissapointing.

I understand what the sony engineers tried to achieve with the new 24-200mm lens, they wanted to make the rx100 vi and vii relevant for the people who regularly use their smartphones, and they have largely succeeded.

However, it's not a perfect all around camera and much like all cameras, it has its plus and minuses.

To end this round of observations on a positive note, i will say that however imperfect my results with the camera at the tele end are, if i compare them with images from other cameras it becomes obvious that the M7 is not a poor performer by comparison.

In all fairness, no matter how me and others judge the M6 and M7 cameras, these remain the most versatile pocket cameras you can get right now.

The image quality is there for those who learn to work around the limitations of this pretty tiny powerhouse of a camera, and in the future all i want is to learn to get sharper tele images, especially when doing pet photography.

For the time being, i am attaching some of the images i am not happy with. Judge for yourselves and provide options if you can. I usually use P mode and the camera is set to choose a higher than needed shutter speed, minimum is 1/30 and at full zoom the camera usually chooses 1/200 exposure time.

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