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I am gradually exploring the capabilities of my recently acquired FZ300 (330 in UK). I am a confirmed jpeg junkie so am trying to optimize the jpeg settings for general use. The menu setting which interests me most at the moment is “iResolution”. I’ve just conducted a test with the camera on a tripod, taking identical pictures from my window of a sunlit scene of woodland and car parking space. The differences between the resolution settings seem quite subtle - I half expected the “extended” setting to produce a nightmare of sharpening artifacts but was pleasantly surprised. I settled on ‘high’. I’m just concerned that this may have worked well on the sylvan scene from the window but that the sharpening artifacts may surface in different lighting conditions. Also, if I already have the basic “standard” jpeg settings adjusted at +2 sharpening and -3 noise reduction, as suggested by the excellent Graham Houghton, why does the “iResolution” option even need to exist? Any comments welcome, although I’m too set in my ways for “you’d be better off with raw” to have any effect!


Hi Red,

Not going to address your resolution question, but do strongly suggest you follow Stevie Boy Blue's suggested settings as opposed to Houghton's. Stevie has far more experience and expertise related to this camera than any reviewer, regardless of how good he/she may be.

Just a suggestion, based on my experiences with the FZ300 before mine was destroyed in the fire.

Enjoy the camera, can't wait to get one also.


I have my FZ300 set to Stevie's recommendations and its spot on for me. Graham Houghton's are a little oversharpened at +3 and too much NR at -2, it needs to be -5 for me.


Thanks Dave, see reply above to Den and John. Very happy with the new settings. RH

I have mine set up at Stevie's original settings. I'll try his revised ones,


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