New CAF Engine in Panasonic GH5M2 seem to work well

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Exif metadata and burst rate

I have looked into the exif metadata that contains the shooting time which is different from the time reported on the basic data

Sequence at 1.2

Frame 1

Create Date : 2021:07:22 18:52:21.641+01:00

Face 1 Position : 163 120 11 11
Faces Detected : 1

Frame 2

Create Date : 2021:07:22 18:52:21.821+01:00

Faces Detected : 0

Frame 3

Create Date : 2021:07:22 18:52:22.021+01:00

Face 1 Position : 157 110 13 13
Face 2 Position : 212 75 12 12
Faces Detected : 2

Frame 4

Create Date : 2021:07:22 18:52:22.192+01:00

Face 1 Position : 155 109 13 13
Face 2 Position : 207 75 12 12
Faces Detected : 2

For frame 2 it did not find a face and spent 180 ms in the process of trying

For frame 3 it found two faces spent 200ms and decided to focus on the one near centre (correctly)

For frame 4 it spent 170ms again for two faces

At this pace it will float between 5 and 5.88 fps instead of the maximum 7 and this is due to the camera looking for faces and choosing which one to focus

In another serie it managed to get 6 fps at one point because there was only 1 person in the frame so it did not have to make decisions however it also did not find anything so it dropped at frame 8 while it was searching

Frame 1 Create Date : 2021:07:22 18:52:37.802+01:00

Frame 11 Create Date : 2021:07:22 18:52:39.972+01:00

1170 ms / 11 = 197 ms average 5 fps peak 6 fps

Changing lens improves things using the PL1260 not a sport lens the burst speed is 6.5 fps on average so the lens used matters

I am pretty sure that if subject detection is disabled and you use single area keeping the subject on the focus area it will do 7 fps as it does 6.5 even with movement and at 1.2 is still managed 5 fps average with a lens not designed to do burst

So in short very effective improvement I now need to understand why on earth when going to burst H the max fps is the same in the manual and only improves with mechanical shutter this makes no sense to me

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