how accurately does a modern drone hold position?

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Re: how accurately does a modern drone hold position?

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I'm wondering about the tech involved in drone stability. Just how little does/should a modern drone hold exact position for time-exposed shots? What is the tolerance in each axis of movement?

Assuming ideal conditions, or at least no wind.

Not very well for what you're thinking.

Don't get me wrong, they do a great job, leave a good drone in a spot for 5 minutes and battery willing it'll be there when you come back, but long exposures are difficult, even 1 second would show movement.

ISO 100, 8 SEC EXP, no wind, 2 shots with movement blur and 2 shots pretty damp good.

Well done! Now let's pixel peak

Now that is a completely separate issue. With small sensors most drone cameras will not stand up to pixel peeking.

They are what they are, and for that they do a more than adequate job. The capability of these amazing bits of technology are unbelievably stable, and will provide a great "tripod in the air" for all sorts of shoots, such as panoramas, time lapses, long exposures, and exposure brackets.

180º panorama shot with a DJI Air 2

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