I Need a laptop...

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Re: I Need a laptop...

I can afford to buy a $3k laptop if I have to in order to get the job done

You can get a very powerful laptop for about half that.  Do a search for "best photo processing laptop" and then look at what is most often suggested.  Besides power you will want a screen with good color accuracy. Search for "Just Josh" and "Ben Kaiser" on youtube and see what they recommend.

I bought an HP Omen 15 last year and it is very powerful, it was on sale for $850 at best buy.  It doesn't have 100% color accurate display though.  Some of the Dell XPS models will be highly recommended, and the Apple M1 will usually be recommended but those will be expensive.  I don't know what is needed to transfer files from Mac to PC but I assume it is easy enough over a network or using USB drives.

FWIW my 12 year old Dell Latitude has no problem with files from a D810.

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