New CAF Engine in Panasonic GH5M2 seem to work well

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MyDog Is Incharge wrote:

Interceptor121 wrote:

Are you so foolish that I think I waste my time manipulating a test and for what?

You should understand not everybody is not worth your trust like your wife the world is a better place

You replied to someone who meant the opposite. He was making a joke (I think) that some people will never be satisfied and that you took a short cut hand holding the camera rather than balancing it on you head,

The person complaining will never be satisfied. If you shoot 7 FPS then clearly its because all the other frames would be blurry at 14 FPS, etc. He makes negative assumptions even though the GH5 II is new and he has no experience with it. Like the A7 had cr@p focus so therefore the A1 must too. Or the RP has poor DR so the R5 must too.

Better to raise concern than accept faulty conclusion. The title of the thread is "New CAF Engine in Panasonic GH5M2 seem to work well"

It looks like it did.

expect that was not shown. What was shown was entire backyard in focus

Incorrect and an exaggeration.  You keep killing you own argument,

with AF point dancing slightly

I've see the A1 and R5 do that too.

as subject moved entirely within the field of focus.

Incorrect again, and another exaggeration.

The camera is capable of 9fps in CAF but OP only shows 2-3 fps. Either intermediate frames were deleted or actual AF speed is much, much, much slower than 9fps.

My bet is you are not interested in the camera, so I do not understand your desperation.  I am happy with my R5, but its nice to see the GH5 II doing a good job.   Most people will use that exact lens when taking pictures of their kids, so it was nice to see examples.  Even if it does make you so upset.

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