New CAF Engine in Panasonic GH5M2 seem to work well

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MyDog Is Incharge wrote:

Jozef M wrote:

Interceptor121 wrote:

You would not take this kind of shots with the nocticron that was just to make the point

Normally you would take this at f/2.8-f/4.0 it is a bright day and subject separation is not important in a shot like this, the opposite

The nocticron at f/1.2 is a good way to prove whether the individual shots are sharp with the subject in focus.

No. Just no.

Even with my Canon R5 an F1.2 lens is slower to focus and NOT a good way to prove focus capabilities. Lens motors were not made for fast action and the glass that needs to move is heavier.

You and others keep making negative assumptions with no evidence from the GH5. (I know some people from Pittsburgh who are dumb therefore everyone from Pittsburgh must be)

The fact is the camera will most often be used in the conditions he used. They wouldn't be shooting fast action with the Nocticron. So what he presented is of value.

Like I said, I shoot with the R5 and there is no camera with better AF today. The GH5 II AF looks much improved from what I've seen, and is very capable. I would not hesitate to use one with a 50-200 F2.8-4 for kids sports. The video would be excellent too.

Poor example as Canon lens has heavy focus element and slow to accommodate wide open.  The 42.5 f/1.2 on M43 is more forgiving.

The conditions OP chose were action shots to try and illustrate a point that did not materialize.

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