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Re: How do you pronounce this system?

Just for fun, here is a thought.

English is a language with very complex pronunciation “rules”. Words like rough and bough don’t sound alike at all. Usually, a single consonant following a vowel will make the preceding vowel hard, eg Nikon would most likely be pronounced NYE KON. Nikkor would tend to have the softer vowel, as there is a double consonant following. But Nikon is a Japanese name. That makes it more complicated. Speakers of English could be considered arrogant if we impose our rules on the pronunciation of a Japanese name, but at the same time we are not expected to know the rules of Japanese pronunciation.

I say Nick on, but I don’t feel offended if someone says Nye con.

I say zed, as I was taught that way using what is sometimes called “The Queen’s English”. If someone says “zee”, I just think, “Ah. Someone from North America or who learned English from American sources.

Issue solved!

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