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ADW02 wrote:

Rodger in Edmonton wrote:

kenmo wrote:

Very nice work Roger. Too bad about your Oilers as I thought they were going to make a run for the Stanley Cup.

Thanks Ken ,

but I am from Montreal ! Go Habs Go!

A Habs fan since I opened my eyes, so I am happy.

The Oilers, despite McDavid's success, seem to lack that on ice Mark Messier style leadership to say losing is not an option..

I thought they would make it to round 2.

The Leaf's collapse is normal.

As an aside, speaking of hockey real quick, (As a goaltender I managed to make it to the AA level before I realized I didn't have the talent to make it to the big show, and instead became a lab tech at a large agricultural manufacturing firm. That was some 50 years ago, when the Habs owned the NHL.) I enjoyed the finals, but it was obvious that 1) the Canadiens might well have a bright future, and 2) for now, Tampa Bay is just too professional to overcome. But things change.

I'd heard rumors that in the future NHL games could be broadcast in 4k, and there was talk of installing a different kind of chip in the puck that would give off a dim green light on TVs, making it easier to see. That probably won't happen, but 4k is a possibility.

And yes, everybody says the puck is too hard to see on TV. It is, but how many people complain that a baseball is often impossible to see in major league games? When a batter hits a fly ball to the outfield or infield, cameras can only zoom in on the area where the fielder is expected to make a catch. Home runs being hit off the bat are only shown on replays.

Regarding your flower shots, I get the impression that texturing may have been used to a light degree, but the colors still pop nicely. If you're not using textures, you might find it to be a nice enhancement in certain situations.

Congratulations on the ice hockey tenure, I too worked as a Lab Tech in our Fed's Water lab for a while.

Yes, the flowers are lightly textured by varying means - I should get a real paint stroke software set.

I recall the oil painting genre was popular a few years ago and many I saw were super.

I didn't go AA but grew up playing hockey and watched from the earliest days so have never had issues with puck visibility.

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