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Re: Capture One - latest update

contadorfan wrote:

Jestertheclown wrote:

Which means a sluggish computer & the fan revving up.

I always get that, and it can be annoying. Unfortunately, my computer copes with just about everything else that I throw at it pretty well so I can't really justify a replacement just because of C1!

I believe it's because of my weak GPU, correct me if I'm wrong.

You're probably right.

I have a small form factor computer with plenty of power, but only 2GB for the GPU. I don't have room for a more powerful GPU, unfortunately.

I'm using an old Dell with an i7 and 16gb. of RAM but the GPU's nothing special. I could instal a more powerful one but I object to the expense and given that Capture One's the only thing that's a bit slow, I'm prepared, at least for the time being, to live with it.

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