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Re: Capture One - latest update

contadorfan wrote:

Uh oh, not liking the new Export tab.

First of all I like putting the tools on the right side to consolidate the most used features between tool bar & tabs without having to jump all over the screen to click on things. It minimizes mouse movement (I'm getting repetitive use issues) & keeps the cursor from crossing into the big picture too often.

I feel your pain.

I too have the tools placed on the right. I'll get used to this new window, of course but I would like the option to move it around.

I used to add the Process icon to the tool bar

Same here. At the moment, I'm missing it!

or add it to the Quick tab. When I finished editing a raw file, I'd Process the file, sending it the resulting jpeg to the source file. This meant processing one file at a time, but that way I never overwhelmed my computer. It only took, at most, 15 seconds to process a file, and I could move on to the next raw to decide what edits it needed while the previous file processed. Accessing the Process icons were quick & easy, and my computer didn't rev up, choking on processing a bunch of files.

Now that option is gone. The only option is to click on the Export tab waaaaay up in the left corner (or a 3 finger key combo). I don't think I want to do that for single files every time they need processing. Which means I have to batch process/export.

I almost always process and export as a batch so for me that's not an issue but I need to get used to pressing "Export" instead of "Process."

So far, I've only tried it a couple of times. I'm sure it'll come.

Which means a sluggish computer & the fan revving up.

I always get that, and it can be annoying. Unfortunately, my computer copes with just about everything else that I throw at it pretty well so I can't really justify a replacement just because of C1!

Admittedly, I haven't tried exporting batches of files yet. Maybe it won't be so bad. But I'm not optimistic, and I miss my old work habit already. Wish I could at least drag the Export icon over to the right instead of clicking on the upper left to open, then clicking on the lower right to complete. Inefficient ergonomics.

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