Which Sony setup to buy? If any

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Re: Which Sony setup to buy? If any

Mr_Win wrote:

for a solid hybrid, I would go with the S5

Would get a faster and more precise focusing Sony.

20-60, borderline perfect for kids that have to be physically close to you

stills will be the worst, but should get you plenty of keepers if you keep the framerate high

video..... hard to beat panasonic, they may not offer the highest specs, however, their cameras are simply amazing video tools. Usable AF, Great IBIS.


it would take an imaginary A7iv from sony to match/exceed.

The A7c have better and faster auto focus. Terrific actually, given the price point.

as far as nikon goes, not a fan of a closed system,

Not so here, but for die hard Nikon fans that is no valid argument anyway.

slow lens development, first party everything can expensive in a heartbeat if you change things around.

if more stills oriented, lower priority on video, then the A7c combo

Would say the A7c is pretty video centered.

If fast and precise focusing is wanted then the tracking auto focus of the A7c is very hard to beat in this price range. The perfect auto focus auto exposure camera - at least to me.

Which Sony covers your needs? That is the one to take a closer look at...

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