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jimhughes wrote:

IanYorke wrote:

jimhughes wrote:

Is it worth $199 to me to finally be able to overwrite that JPG on export... like any other software of the last 20 years?

It was a long standing, really annoying, unnecessary friction imposed on the user for no "reason" other than some developers personal preference.

That this has finally changed says more than any amount of PR bull. It certainly demonstrates positive change within the organisation and I think it bodes well for the future.

A brief play with the "magic brush" looks very positive and further enhances C1's already excellent masking capabilities and coming for free, if you have V21 is a bonus.


I might go for it. But the price seems really high for what's in the release.

I already posted this in the thread but if you add up what is in V21 compared to V20 it's quite significant.

The new Dehaze tool

Magic Brush

Speed Edit

Style Brushes

Reworked import and export

ProStandard camera profiles

Show images in subfolders

Synchronize new subfolders

Overwrite existing files on export

Apple M1 Native Support

Leica tethering support

HEIF support

The Increased 1600% Zoom

For me the Dehaze tool, Magic brush, Speed Edit and Style Brushes are well worth the upgrade but everyone is different.


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