Matt Irwin on Zfc and 28 2.8

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Re: Matt Irwin on a useless unboxing video Zfc and 28 2.8

archerscreek wrote:

The guy does an unboxing video on a camera he says he’s had for two weeks? Please. I scrolled through the video and every time I stopped it he was gushing about how beautiful it was, on and on. This is the equivalent of a Kardashian reviewing an F150. If you want substance, look elsewhere.

In the video, he has the images of Zfc's in different colors (a bit similar to, but not the same as, the image below) on some monitor the background the entire time. The video also cycled through the different color options at the beginning. This is clearly an "informercial" as part of Nikon's Zfc marketing campaign.

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