4/3 Oly 50mm f2 Macro vs Pana 45mm f2.8 Macro

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Re: 4/3 Oly 50mm f2 Macro vs Pana 45mm f2.8 Macro

Thanks J R 47 for your thoughts.

I have to admit working with the MMF-3/O50 is much improved on the E-M5 Mark III vs my old EM1.1, specifically for General /Portrait use.  It should not be surprising i suppose, due to having real PDAF vs only horizontal PD on the EM1.1  In terms of the macro performance, well, i suspect camera does not make a huge difference for a real solid session of outdoor macro shooting.

I previously looked at the P42.5 and really hummed and hawed over that one.  I will look at the close focusing and see if that is feasible for my use, considering the huge price difference as well.

I also debated about the 12-45 as i recall reading about the 1:2 Close focusing.  IF i did that, I would likely have to give up my old P12-35 2.8 MKI as cannot justify keeping both.  That old lens does not do close focusing or magnification, all that well from my experience so that would be a plus but losing the 2.8 would be my biggest concern.  If the 12-45 were a 2.8-4 (which Olympus never does) it would have been a no brainer!

J R 47 wrote:

Thank you for your post. Sorry I do not have experience with the Pana 45mm macro; only with the 4/3 Oly 50mm macro. I agree with you that the adapted Oly 50 gives great results both as a general / portrait lens and as a dedicated macro. I hope that otbers can give you direct feedback on the Pana 45 lens.

About weight and about optimization of your kit, would you be able to also consider the compact and lightweight Pana 42.5mm f/1.7 lens that offers good close focusing (semi macro)?

Also if you can do without full macro, the Oly 12-45 Pro lens gives a 1:2 close focusing ratio (I believe) in 35mm terms. I have found that with this Oly lens you can also use the 2x Digital Tele Converter button to bring the subject into macro range. Because this Pro lens is so sharp, not much detail is lost in adding the 2x DTC. Hope these suggestions add to your consideration.

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