Nikon Z6 II vs EOS R5 for wildlife?

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Re: Nikon Z6 II vs EOS R5 for wildlife?

I still own a Z7 II (previously Z7) and love it for most types of photography. Great body, great lenses. However, I stopped even trying to use it for wildlife. The AF is really not up to it. It will get some shots, including some great ones, but it'll also miss some where you can only rub your eyes in disbelief. The lack of Animal Eye AF is another clear weakness, especially when comparing it with the R5 or R6.

I stuck with D850 + 500 PF for a while but ultimately budged and got an R5 + RF 100-500mm lens.My comparison between the two can be found here. I am now in the process of selling the D850 and, with a bleeding heart, the 500 PF. Ordered a Canon 400 f/2.8 as compensation for the loss, but that's a different discussion.

If you are happy with your Z6 IQ, by the way, are you sure an R6 wouldn't make you equally happy? It is quite a bit cheaper than the R5, and -with few exceptions- largely the same camera with a lower resolution.

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