Which Sony setup to buy? If any

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Which Sony setup to buy? If any

After reading a lot of reviews and opinions on DPReview and after visiting local stores I'm looking for some advice on which Sony setup to buy or maybe a few good reasons of talking me into the Z6 II or Panasonic S5 if any.

What I'm looking for:

  • A trustworthy camera for taking travel photos (nature and cities) during some upcoming road trips in the South West USA and Europe next year and for taking photos and video of my son growing up and friends and family.
  • I shoot 80% photos, 20% video.
  • Need some amount of decent in body stabilisation.
  • Need good autofocus to track the increasing faster movements of my son. Also indoor where light is more challenging.
  • My girlfriend and friends also need to able to shoot with the camera and get a sharp picture when I set the iso, ss and aperture of the camera.
  • When I travel I shoot a lot early in the morning and later in the evening and during sunset. Mostly for better light and avoiding crowds.
  • For taking photos of people I like to use some background separation. Never needed a faster aperture than around f2.8 though when using 50mm or 85mm.

Favorite focal lengths:

  • 35mm + 50mm for walking around. (60% of all photos)
  • 20mm - 24mm for some landscape and city shots. (20% of all photos)
  • 85mm for taking photos of people. (20% of all photos)

I don't have experience with long focal ranges. So don't know if I prefer more telephoto or not.

Why I'm contemplating a Sony setup:

  • Amazing selection of lenses with good prices, good second hand market and also the size of the lens offerings and bodies is relatively compact.
  • Good autofocus.
  • Lots of information available online from other Sony shooters.
  • Especially A7 III felt good in the hands. Not as good as the Z6 II and Panasonic S5 though.

Where I can use some help:

  • Advice on picking which Sony body (A7C or A7III) or wait if A7 IV gets released in September as rumoured. Is the A7 III already too old?
  • A7C form factor is compelling and the improved autofocus as well.
  • Suggest maybe buying the Z6 II or S5 from Panasonic. If so why? I've read the autofocus of the Z6 II and S5 can be less reliable.
  • Which set to buy.

Sets I'm contemplating:

  • A7 III body + 24 - 105 f4 - 2198 euros + 50mm fast prime?
  • A7 III body + Tamron 28 - 75 f2.8 - 2299 euros + wide prime?
  • A7 III body + Tamron 28 - 200 f2.8 - f5.6 - 2449 euros + wide prime?
  • A7c + 28 - 60 f4 - f5.6 - 2099 euros + maybe 2 small prime for a compact set?
  • Nikon Z6 II + 24 - 70 f4 - 2199 euros + maybe fast prime?
  • Panasonic S5 + 20 - 60 f3.5 - f5.6 - 1899 euros + maybe fast prime?

Thanks a lot.

Nikon Z6 II Panasonic Lumix DC-S5 Sony a7 Sony a7 III
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