Summer chafer, grasshopper, dragonfly

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Re: Summer chafer, grasshopper, dragonfly

Rodger in Edmonton wrote:

lightweight - can't be lugging a monster - nice 2 - 3 pounder

Ah, thank you - yes, I do want to keep things compact (but outgrew my actual compact). Hence not wanting to get an external flash till I know it will do what I want (and first I have to work out what I want).

Try some easy targets first - flowers inside where wind is no issue.

I know, I should. And I should also practise on honey bees, as there's beehives close by and we get loads. But I have the attention span of a kitten in a butterfly farm...

Spiders are easy peasy for this if I were to offer up some arachnid fodder for target practice.

Yep, I've got a few good spider pics in the past and they are good at staying still!

A man like you would really needs a dedicated macro lens to sleep well at night - no?

What does your doctor say about this? could be .... amacroinsomnia

My doctor would say that a man like me needs urgent treatment because I'm a woman! I'm tempted to try a dedicated macro lens but need to research them more. And one big advantage of my current setup is that if I suddenly spot a butterfly several feet away, or a bird some distance off, I can whip off the macro, change the setting to P, and hopefully capture that too.

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