New Mac won't install Topaz Plugs

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Re: New Mac won't install Topaz Plugs

maggiemole wrote:

richiebee wrote:

I have a new Mac Book Pro and I'm trying to install my Topaz Plugins (Sharpen AI, Remask AI, Studio, AdjustAI) for use in Photoshop CC. These are all expired, but Topaz provides links to the latest version that I paid for. Sharpen AI installed fine, and its there in Photoshop. None of the others are, even though they go through the entire install process and say they've been installed. I don't see any Topaz folders in applications.

Anyone got any idea how to fix this? The install process doesn't give any options, so I can't figure out what I need to get this done. I run on a regular user account, but I have an admin account for authenticating etc. Install isn't asking for any authentication though.

The other plugins (non-Topaz) have installed fine. I also tried installing an old version - Remask 5. This installed and works as a standalone, but doesn't appear as a Photoshop plugin.

Running Catalina (10.15).

You might need to ask Topaz. I had similar problems when installing new versions on my Mac Mini, and it turned out they were all there but in different folders from the originals. Perhaps also search Finder for all instances of Topaz to help find where they are. I find customer service rather good.

Thanks.  I found the folders after - they were in the user level Applications folder, rather than the system level Applications folder.  However, still struggling with them.  I have SharpenAI installed and MaskAI which functions as it should (no matter how bad that actually is!).  They both have options in help to "Reinstall Photoshop Plugins" in the standalone applications and those functions worked.  Neither AdjustAI, nor Studio 2 have these options, and I can't for the life of me get them to show as plugins, even though they work standalone.

I might try support.

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