Would you welcome software theft protection?

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Re: A better idea...

Gato Amarillo wrote:

ZodiacPhoto wrote:

A better idea would be to require entering a 4-5 digit pin code when swapping the battery or after charging.

You may not know, but this is how most car stereos work - if you disconnect the battery, or remove the stereo from the car, you need to enter the anti-theft pin code to turn it on again. There is a card with the code in your owner's manual. This system is gradually replaced by the solution where your head unit is "married" to the original VIN.

Of course, this would work only when most camera makes implement such an idea. And give the owner an option to disable protection if they are not concerned.

I like that pin idea -- maybe not every time I change a battery, but maybe any time the camera has been inactive for a few days or something like that.

I'd want to be able to set my own pin and maybe the timing as well.

I'd also prefer this kind of completely local and configurable solution. Maybe an integrated fingerprint reader as suggested by someone else with a fallback to a pin code, and configurable timeouts for different trigger criteria, including "forever unlocked" if the user sees the feature as unnecessary. Although support for the manufacturer to force unlocking e.g. over USB if the person can prove ownership of the camera and has forgotten PIN / broken fingerprint reader etc. would obviously  be very nice to have.

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