How many of you have lost or crashed your drone ?

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Re: How many of you have lost or crashed your drone ?

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Be prepared to write off the money or forget buying a drone.


The current drones seem less reliable than the old ones.

Not to me. They seem much more reliable than they used to. My first drone never had any kind of obstacle avoidance mechanism. My current one has the all around and that has saved me from a lot of accidents.

GPS lock seems more intelligent now.

My old drone sometimes required me to balance the props, which I had to do with a spinning balance tool, sand paper and nail lacquer (to add weight where needed). The ne props don't need that.

Why do you feel they seem less reliable?


Having more features like obstacle avoidance, GPS lock (I think you mean faster response to maintain position) is not an improvement in reliability.

Obstacle avoidance is an improvement. It's a feature older models didn't have. I guess it depends on your definition of 'reliability', so let me put it this way: it leads to fewer crashes.


  1. the quality of being trustworthy or of performing consistently well.

Improved GPS lock is not just faster response, but also better signal logic. My phantom would go apey in certain situations where the GPS reception was reflected (not weak) such as between buildings. In those situations, logic now switches to ATTI quicker rather than send the aircraft into someone pushing a baby stroller.

My opinion is based on the dji forum posts. Back in 2016 when I started flying a phantom Pro, most drone crashes were due to pilot error. Mavic Pros followed with flyaway issues, but we're still mainly pilot errors.

Right, most are pilot errors. How does this equate to a less reliable product from the manufacturer?

The comment I made was based on forum posts of failures. If pilot error is removed from the mix, then what is left are drone reliability failures.

a saying on the DJI forums: "there is almost never an actual flyaway".

Thank you for supporting my point about early drone reliability. Battery failure is clearly a reliability issue. Glad we agree this applies to newer drones.

The latest range seem to be plagued by battery failure. Most of these are due to poor equipment maintenance such as overheating by flying hard and fast in hot sunlight or infrequent use.

No, they were factory defective batteries, only during a certain date range back in 2018, and DJI has been replacing those batteries even out of warranty (though sometimes you have to press). And they didn't need to be pushed hard to swell, just used.

I have 6 Mavic 2 batteries and none of them have ever given me problems. When I read about the date ranges, I made sure I didn't have any. And I treat them properly.

What  can I say, if you haven't read recent posts?

More batteries showed swelling on first use or totaly dead in the box. A battery failure is a fell from the sky incident. The smaller, lighter batteries heat up quickly because they are overloaded, compared with the unrestricted design weight of older drones. That is a fact, not an opinion.

The older batteries could swell as well, which is part of the reason that Phantoms had space inside the craft (take a battery out and look inside the chamber). BUT, Phantom 3 Pro batteries still popped out of flying aircraft. The P4 fixed that ... to a point (better battery lock mechanism, but swollen batteries still happened).

Pointing to issues with current batteries doesn't mean that the Phantom batteries were without issue. I've been reading those same forums for many years.

I am only questioning your one statement that equipment has become less reliable. You can stick to that opinion if you want, but it's clear to me that things have improved on mostly all fronts.

Fine, if you are happy with your point of view.


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