The digital live view and analog film at the same time camera

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Flat view
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The digital live view and analog film at the same time camera

So I was thinking. Obviously having to much time with a hot summer vacation at home. Something we here in Sweden call "homecation" sort off when direct translated...

Anyway, there is a lot of tries to digitize old film cameras and they basically never fly since the sensor is super tiny and there is a add on at the back that just is bulky and obstruct the OVF.

And that is when it struck me. One could actually build a camera that has both a digital fullframe sensor and one that shots film at the same time.

If one would take a Nikon F3 for instance with the removable pentaprism and matt screen one could put the whole sensor and electronics there instead.

Or use a camera body with a semitransparent mirror that shots both digital and film at the same time. And gives Live View to frame with from the sensor as well as shot with it.

Sorry for my crappy illustration. It is a camera body seen from the side like it was cut in half.

One can even make a camera with EVF, OVF, digital sensor and film by using a swinging/rotating semi transparent mirror, like in the illustrations below:

In mode 1 one has the image routed to the OVF (Matt screen) and to the film.

And in mode 2 one has the semi transparent mirror in position for shooting film and framing with Live View and also capture digital images with the sensor.

So, the mirror is far from being extinct - it just needs to be evolved!

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Some images:

Flat view
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