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I am about to retire my panasonic gx1. I like it because it is small tough and capable. Is there a good replacement and if so what is a good replacement?

GX85 can be found very cheap, especially if used. GX85 was the first Panasonic I actually liked. The GX7 was close, but the EVF was weak, the body suffered from shutter shock, and the silent shooting and/or EFCS impacted image quality. It also had a stronger AA filter and poor jpg colors.

The GX85 solved all the GX7 issues. I would recommend the GX85. It removes the AA filter for very sharp pictures, improves the OOC colors, better DR and higher ISO, adds a viewfinder, better LCD on the back (which tilts out), redesigned the shutter to eliminate shutter shock (and it just sounds wonderful), and no need for silent shooting. Also, I think the GX85 has more focus points than the GX1.

If you have the money, the GX9 adds to the GX85 a still-better sensor and better AF. It also adds in-body charging, which is nice. But IIRC, battery life is poorer (?) and it goes back to the tilt EVF, which is both a weaker screen and, to me, is just plain annoying.

The GX9, GX7 and GX85 all have the same exact EVF display (annoying 16:9 aspect field sequential LCD) at the same size. The only difference is the GX85 doesn't tilt. I used them back to back and it's the same screen in there.

I never got the rainbow tearing that others got, but I sure hated the 16:9 EVF on all three cameras. How dumb is it to have a 4:3 camera with a 16:9 viewfinder? Means using it to take picture, you have a 4:3 image with big black bars on both sides, making the actual magnification much smaller than the specs would indicate. It's only a nice big viewfinder when shooting 16:9, so that's just video for most. And most people don't even use the EVF for video.

The GX85 has a terrible lens in front of the EVF.  It makes it impossible to view except if your eye is dead center in the viewfinder.  The GX7's was a little better, but not much.  The GX9 is fine.  Yes, it is a smaller EVF than in the GX8, but it's much better than the implementation in the GX7 and GX85.  (And yes, I owned a GX7, have used a GX85, and own a GX8 and GX9 currently).


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