Would you recommend a GX8 in 2021?

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jalywol Forum Pro • Posts: 11,057

I have had a GX8 for about 5 years.  Lovely camera. But, not without flaws.

I got a GX9 last year.  The GX8 now sits in its bag.  It's still a lovely camera, but the GX9 has better color, better high ISO performance, better shutter (they redesigned the shutter to solve the shutter shock issues, so I can now use mechanical shutter for moving objects without having to worry about that).  Also, they removed the AA filter on the sensor, so the images are sharper than those on the GX8.

The only area that the GX8 does better in is the EVF.  However, the GX9's EVF, while smaller than the GX8's,  is still much better than the one in the GX85 , because they have improved the lens in front of it, so it does not look like you are looking through a coke bottle.

So, while the GX8 is a great camera, I wouldn't get one now.  I'd get the GX9 instead.


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