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Re: Capture One - latest update

IanYorke wrote:

AL_23 wrote:

>>The one update to C1 that would have me immediately handing over money is to be able to overwrite an output file:-)<<

Now you have it!

Actually I missed that when I skimmed the video, thanks.

Very surprised after all of these years of C1 totally ignoring users requests for a basic requirement. New management is obviously having an impact. As I have complained about this for years I will be upgrading in October/November just to say thank you


Actually, they haven't totally ignored it, and it's something that people within C1 have asked for, as well as customers (according to the c1 Q&As during tutorial videos) where it has been discussed a few times.

However, for "technical reasons" the engineering side argued it was very difficult/impossible to do.

I am guessing that as they seem to have been making some changes to the underlying code, and have a lot more Engineers/programmers than they have had before, this might be one of the benefits.

Edit: sorry got myself mixed up, it was being able to show the total count of files in subfolders I though I was writing about

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