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Re: GX85 or GX9

brentbrent wrote:

WT21 wrote:

brentbrent wrote:

I have long since deleted my test samples, but I was using the GX7 for burst shooting, and when comparing for the best pic in burst, I started noting an odd distortion from shot to shot. Not the jello effect, but something else. Attached are two pics from GX7. You'd need to download them and then go back and forth between them to see the difference. Whatever it's called, and whatever the reason, the GX7 exhibited it regularly, and the GX85 did not. I also found the colors on the GX7 weaker and harder to correct in post.

If y'all want to recommend someone to move from a GX1 to an eight year old GX7, that's your business, but I think it's a heck of a better move to go to a GX85.

I looked at your two photos and can't tell what you are referring to. The ball looks a bit more oval in the first, but of course that is a moving subject and susceptible to e-shutter lean or jello effect. The left edge of the shooter's jersey looks a big more jagged in the first shot, but she's at different points of her jump in the two shots. Everything else looked pretty similar to me, but maybe I didn't study them closely enough.

I do think the GX7 would be a fine upgrade to a GX1. I don't think the OP cares about how many years have passed since a camera was issued. I linked to a prior post describing the ways in which the GX85 is better and worse than the GX7. I said that the GX85 didn't tempt me, but I know a lot of folks think it is better than the GX7. Everyone can make up their own mind about that, but there are definitely tradeoffs. The GX9 is a definite upgrade from the GX7, with maybe a few minor qualifications. I think OP should consider all three of them as possible upgrades to his GX1.

The GX7 had vicious shutter shock, and yes, also "warping" with e-shutter as WT21 describes.  These are two of the reasons that the GX7 was not with me for very long.  And the EVF was dreadful.

The other thing is; why recommend an old, technologically limited, camera to someone who clearly holds on to his gear for a long time?  Wouldn't it make more sense for them to buy the most updated camera they could if they plan to keep it for many years?


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