Owl, Fish, Frogs, Rabbit, and of course Birds! (7/22/21)

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Owl, Fish, Frogs, Rabbit, and of course Birds! (7/22/21)

Picking up right where my last post left off, and continuing with an odd assortment of critters, the following shots were taken on March 20th.  During the spring, there are more diverse selections of birds, but also I tend to see more of the other stuff too - and it's always fun as a wildlife photographer to get to photograph various reptiles, mammals, bugs, etc, and not always birds (which Florida has an abundance of).  I still love photographing every type of bird, but all wildlife is interesting to me and fun to shoot.

All of the following were taken with the A6600 and FE 200-600mm G OSS combo, and all are posted at 1800 pixels on the long side if you view them in original size:

I mentioned in my last post that I only got to see the eastern screech owl one time this year, as they decided not to nest again...this was my final shot of him, having a nap deep in a palm tree covered in vines - very difficult to spot or shoot - but you take what you can get with screech owls!

A marsh rabbit, out wandering through the shallow wetlands waters to get at nice, fresh grasses

The always cool-looking pig frog - this one was much more olive green than the usual ones - our pig frogs usually have a golden-green color, so the darker olive of this one was striking in its difference

Right up close with another pig frog - showing that slight golden tinge to the green coloration

Another lucky day to find the American bittern out in the open - these birds are very well camouflaged, but the pattern is really intricate and beautiful despite being mostly shades of brown

Fish are wildlife too!  Unfortunately, only diver photographers tend to photograph fish, unless they're speared at the end of a heron's bill.  But the wetlands waters were clear enough to see this school of fish just staring up at me, and I couldn't help but take a shot of them

Like my set a few weeks ago from March 13th, I continued to be unusually lucky with Wilson's snipe - this one in a completely different wetland park, and trying a little better to hide in the reeds.  I can go years without spotting one, so catching one on 5 consecutive weekends was pretty unprecedented!

A palm warbler hanging out down by the water

A brown basilisk down on the forest floor, but finding a nice shaft of sunlight to bathe in

Usually very shy birds, this American bittern let me stand 10 feet from him - he was so deeply concentrating on fishing the waters below that he ignored me and I could take a really tight closeup

A tricolored heron standing out in the reeds, stretching its wings

I checked back in with our American bittern buddy - this is a study in patience - he had barely budged and was still watching the waters for a fish

A female red-winged blackbird perched on a branch, in front of an unusually clean distant background, singing out to a mate

Wait - another red-winged blackbird replied off to the left.  Should she entertain the new suitor?

Her intended mate called back, and she decided to stick with him

Comments, questions, and critique welcomed as always!

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