Summer chafer, grasshopper, dragonfly

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Re: Summer chafer, grasshopper, dragonfly

Rodger in Edmonton wrote:

IMHO cut the F stop to 11- 16 and try and as others note use as much natural light where possible or very diffused flash.

A tripod, remote, observe at 10 x and wait for the lull, you can lower the ISO in correlation to the wind speed. I find above 5 MPH somewhat of a mugs game but with good conditions and the tripod - you can compose more at your leisure and with more thinking.

Thanks Roger - not very practical for me, though, as I don't know where the bugs are going to land, and as I'm using a Raynox, I have to be very close - and depth of field is tiny, so I need the aperture as small as possible. I did try a monopod to steady myself, but even the tiny movements I needed to make to get the subject in focus changed the angle so much that it disappeared altogether.

I could, of course, bait a likely-looking flower with sugar solution and wait... but I'd probably just end up with the back end of a bee while something really interesting lands on the next flower along... I really didn't choose the easiest of hobbies!

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