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Re: thinking of replacing Panasonic FZ200

pieceofstone wrote:

I like my FZ200. I enjoy the zoom and I like shots I've gotten of still subjects in low light when I can do a long exposure of non-moving subjects. However, the results suffer a little in lower lighting when the subjects are moving (people) and I need a quick shutter speed. Examples included.

I have been mulling over getting a Sony DSC-RX10 V or a Panasonic FZ2500 with a primary aim to get better photos in conditions such as these, but I wanted to ask if I could expect to see much of a difference, or if perhaps I'm not getting the most out of my equipment.

I've taken plenty of shots I'm happy with, but they were mostly in bright light. Thoughts?

In case anybody wonders, the outdoor festival photos were taken at the House of Pacific Relations area in Balboa Park, San Diego, California and the ground squirrel was taken elsewhere in the park. Indoor photo was taken in the Japanese Friendship Garden there.

I live in Los Angeles and can see myself moving to San Diego just to be closer to Balboa Park. It's like Disneyland for Photographers.

I agree with dlevitt that upgrading to a 1" sensor camera will improve ISO/noise performance by roughly 2 stops (4x). This increased performance would have been a big help for the photo of the Japanese kimono ladies (taken at ISO800).

The photos of the Korean and Mexican dancers were, unfortunately, taken shooting into the sun which is a very tough situation for any camera. I'm guessing the JPEG engine of the FZ200 raised the shadows a lot which resulted in these flat low-contrast photos. Another photographer may have used spot-metering or added some positive Exposure Compensation (maybe +1 stop?) and just let even more of the background blow out to featureless white. A larger, modern sensor usually has a greater dynamic range which can help a lot when editing raw photos taken in tough lighting situations.

Looks like the camera/user missed focus on the Korean dancers. For some reason, the audience is in better focus than the dancers.

The squirrel photo was taken on an overcast day which has very even lighting. Any camera would take exactly the same photo (with some technical differences).

It may indeed be time to move on to a larger sensor camera and (if you haven't already) start to learn techniques to deal with different lighting conditions and to consider shooting and editing raw. The camera you use can help a lot but it's not a complete solution.

Including ground squirrel photo in order to share one okay-looking photo.

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