Summer chafer, grasshopper, dragonfly

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Re: Summer chafer, grasshopper, dragonfly

Your background is black in some shots because there is nothing close enough for the flash to reflect off adequately to expose.

Sometimes I like this style but other times not.

You can work around it in a few ways

1. Compose so that there is something in near background, not always possible but something to consider.

2. Hold something there to create a background, can work but can also be awkward to hold camera etc as well.

3. Drag the shutter by lowering the sync speed enough for natural light to expose the background, can cause odd effects if there is subject movement at all.

4. In postprocessing raise the shadows a fair amount for the background in case there is something there and then denoise that area, can work can look really bad depends on the shot.

Considering the background is something that means you are getting more advanced as a photographer.

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