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Email promoting webinar for latest C1 update arrived today. Mentions "magic brush". Anyone know what this is? We will find out on 22nd but???


Just watched Paul Reiffer's "Pro Tips" video guide to the latest 14.3 updates - new Magic Brush, new Exporter and some (welcome) tweaks to Catalogue management - some good stuff I thought!

Just skimmed the video. Looks actually significant for a free point update. Hustle76's analysis seems to be spot on.


We have actually had several significant updates at point releases over the years.

e,g, in Capture 20.1. Multiple clone and heal points to the same layer were added, as was the before and after feature.

And we have already had style brushes added to 21.

Historically, I think the colour wheel colour balance/grading tool was added at an interim release.

My impression is that C1 has often added new features at point releases, which is great for the user, but less good when it comes to marketing  a version number new release.

Of equal importance to me with this point release is that the catalogue now gives counts of files in sub-folders  and if you sync a catalogue it will automatically add any new folders into the catalogue  that you have added at the system level.

As I ingest files with Photo mechanic, it was a real pain to then manually add every new folder of files into a C1 catalogue, with LR you could just run a catalogue sync and everything would update. C1 now works the same way.

As it so happens I gave up on C1 catalogues a long time ago, but prompted by these long overdue features, I might give it another go.

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