Possible to adapt M42 for Olympus OM-1 (film)?

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Re: Auto stop down matters

ProfHankD wrote:

Still, if you're going to be shooting film with M42 glass, it feels like it should be with a Spotmatic. Unfortunately, they're less featureful than the Minoltas, and even auto exposure requires one of the ES bodies, but THE AUTO STOP DOWN FEATURE ON THE M42 LENSES WILL WORK -- it will not when adapted to other mounts. For cameras with an EVF, view brightness isn't an issue, but for SLRs it can be really nice to have auto aperture work such that the lens stays wide open for focusing and setting exposure and then automatically closes to to the set aperture for the shot.

I completely agree that auto stop-down is an advantage, and actually there are a few options that can provide it with adapted M42 lenses.

The Rolleiflex SL35. was pretty much a German Spotmatic (though later made in Singapore), but with a bayonet lens mount. The M42 adapter featured a hinged plate to retain the auto diaphragm, and as the original camera model used stopped-down metering its operation was exactly the same as with the original bayonet lenses. Later models from the SL350 onwards were capable of full aperture metering, but not with the adapter.

Mamiya offered various auto M42 adapters for its Auto XTL, NC1000 and Z-series SLRs with similar features to the Rollei one.

When Fujica dropped the (enhanced) M42 lens mount used on its ST and AZ camera for a new bayonet on the AX and STX models, it sold two different adapters for older lenses. The common X-S type worked like the ones above, with auto diaphragm and stopped-down metering. This worked well with the STX-1N and later manual models, as the LEDs were easier to see than a needle in low light with the lens stopped down.

The much rarer and more collectable X-D adapter offered enhanced operation on the AX-5 camera (only), including full aperture metering in shutter priority or program modes, with full LED viewfinder information. This worked with most M42 lenses (not just the Fujinons), as a scale on the adapter could be set to the maximum aperture.

I'm sure there are others, too (wasn't there was an Alpa one?).

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