Possible to adapt M42 for Olympus OM-1 (film)?

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Auto stop down matters

Heritage Cameras wrote:

Albert Silver wrote:

Well, not mine yet. Heh. It was on my list, but now I am strongly considering something like the Minolta X-370 or 570, which I can find for $50-ish in good shape.

If you can really find a Minolta X-570 (sold in some countries as the X-500) for that price, it's a bargain.

Honestly, the XG models are pretty nice too, and they're available more commonly and cheaper. I used to shoot primarily with an SRT101 and XK back when I did commercial photography, and both those are real workhorses, but the SRTs are a bit clunky -- not quite as clunky as the Canon FT models, but still. The XK is a monster, but it just oozes quality. The other X models (XG series, X series) are notably lighter and smaller than the SRTs, kind of Olympus-ish, and feel a bit less clunky -- they pair really well with the 49mm-filter-size MD lenses, which are also pretty civilized, but a little plasticy.

Still, if you're going to be shooting film with M42 glass, it feels like it should be with a Spotmatic. Unfortunately, they're less featureful than the Minoltas, and even auto exposure requires one of the ES bodies, but THE AUTO STOP DOWN FEATURE ON THE M42 LENSES WILL WORK -- it will not when adapted to other mounts. For cameras with an EVF, view brightness isn't an issue, but for SLRs it can be really nice to have auto aperture work such that the lens stays wide open for focusing and setting exposure and then automatically closes to to the set aperture for the shot.

These cameras are easily adapted for M42 lenses too.

Yes, M42 adapters for Minolta MD are surprisingly common, new for under $10.

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