Summer chafer, grasshopper, dragonfly

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Re: Summer chafer, grasshopper, dragonfly

John K wrote:

I think that the light in the chafer shot is a little harsh. The shadows are sharp and well defined, and the specular highlights across the ridge on the critter's face are harsh. I would say that the light either was not close enough to the subject, not large enough relative to the subject, or both. The net result is a lot of detail loss in the specular surfaces cause they will act like true mirrors, if the light is not diffused well enough, and they will return the color of the light source and not the color of the specular surface.

Thank you John See, that's why I post here - non-photographic people just don't spot the areas for improvement, and keep telling me I'm too harsh when I critique myself!

I think, with that shot, I realised after taking it that my net diffuser had slipped so it was on full flash. Also, however, I'd unintentionally left the ISO on 800 rather than auto (which normally ends up as 1600) which sort-of compensated. It was in quite deep shade and either mistake on its own probably wouldn't have worked at all. I don't know what would have happened if the diffuser had been in position and ISO was on auto.

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