Would you welcome software theft protection?

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techie takes pics wrote:

Doug J wrote:

Every time I want to use my camera, change a lens or battery I would need to have access to the internet, and the website & database with the stored information would need to be online, accessible, and error-free.

No, not like that!

Very much like remotely locking a phone, tablet or PC when it has been stolen.

Just when you chose to connect to Wifi or the PC, the software would take the opportunity to check if the camera is registered as 'stolen' and could tell the camera to lock itself.

How many wrong password attempts would I have before I get locked out? If it's unlimited the system is open to thieves using brute force or other techniques to unlock my account.

No passwords on the camera or the software.

You could lock it online and unlock it online.
The real owner can unlock it at any time, by accessing their account.
When the camera connects (it should be the only function left to the user), it unlocks again.

I recently misplaced my bank debit card. I could lock it in the banks app. It was then rendered useless.
When I found it back I could unlock it in under 30 seconds using the app again - and it functioned again.
Without my phone AND the access code to my phone AND the access code to the bank app, no-one could have used my card in the meantime.
A bit like that.

An alternative is to not leave your gear unattended.


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