Would you recommend a GX8 in 2021?

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Re: Would you recommend a GX8 in 2021?

Aleotti wrote:


I am a Fuji user but I have used M4/3 in the past and I like the system, its wide choice of lenses and I am considering to buy a used GX8 (I know its faults but I love its design)

I guess this should be the right place to get some advice from current users.

My plan is to use it as a travel camera.


I bought a GX8 two months ago so I would say yes.

If you are loking for a cheap ”range finder” looking camera there isn’t that many good alternatives in the m43 lineup.

The GX8 has a better build than the GX9

It has a dedicated exposure compensation dial.
The GX8 has much better displays , Oleds , than the GX9 , and not the small horrible sequential rgb EVF variant

The GX8 is weather sealed, the GX9 is not.

The GX8 has a good grip you don’t have to buy an accessory to get that.

I think the mech shutter shock problem is exaggerated and there is an electronic shutter.

Take a look at the Panasonic G9 if you can tolerate a larger camera

It’s a great option

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