My FV200 review from a headshot/portrait shooter view

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Re: My FV200 review from a headshot/portrait shooter view

MichaelFrederickPhoto wrote:

Thank you, its a GOOD light but not perfect and lets be honest there are many people on here with very high expectations! I would not pay the normal $450 but at $350 I am ok with it.

When I did my research on it, Rob Hall had this at 1/1 being equal to the AD200 at 1/8th power, I shoot my AD200 at 1/16 +3 so I knew I was covered.

I did look at the DP400 series as I have dual MS300’s as well. I hate the tungsten ML and wanted the 5600k LED as the MS300 light gets very hot as well and sitting in my chair, they can feel it.

I use the MS300 in my 5ft trip box mostly.

I have a couple of MS300s too. I haven't noticed them getting very hot but then mine are 240V versions and I don't use the MLs a lot.

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