Would you welcome software theft protection?

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techie takes pics wrote:

Doug J wrote:

Every time I want to use my camera, change a lens or battery I would need to have access to the internet, and the website & database with the stored information would need to be online, accessible, and error-free.

No, not like that!

Very much like remotely locking a phone, tablet or PC when it has been stolen.

Just when you chose to connect to Wifi or the PC, the software would take the opportunity to check if the camera is registered as 'stolen' and could tell the camera to lock itself.

As of now, there are number of third-party applications for both mobile devices and traditional computers that can be used to control cameras or transfer data from them. From your proposal's point of view, there are a few options:

- Some kind of handshake / authentication between the camera and the applications becomes mandatory. Camera will not communicate with the application until it has successfully completed. Third-party applications become bricked, unless the camera manufacturer trusts the third parties and provides them necessary information about implementing this, which I don't see at all to be certain, especially in case of open-source developers. Suddenly it sucks to be a developer of these applications, or someone who prefers using them.

- There is no mandatory handshake/authentication. Third-party applications work as usual, which makes their developers and users happy. However, this obviously cripples the effectiveness of your proposal significantly.

Also, it pretty much makes internet connectivity mandatory every time you want to use an application implementing this, which is not exactly user-friendly.


Additional consideration; What happens if a manufacturer gives up their camera business and shuts down the server that is used to communicate with the applications? Will the application handle this gracefully and continue to work otherwise, or will it behave as if the user would be trying to circumvent the protection and offer limited or no functionality at all?

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