Chip prices keeps Sony from launching new models a rumors says, but why I wonder?

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Re: Chip prices keeps Sony from launching new models a rumors says, but why I wonder?

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Spitballing...Current chips already have existing purchasing/manufacturing agreements. The foundry is unable to take on additional capacity (new orders).

Also...Current chips could have a really nice yield due to their maturity.


  • wafer for current cameras can turn out 200 dies, 95% yield. 190 cameras get their chip.
  • New immature chip could be slightly bigger, worse yield because it's new and not yet fully refined. 185 dies, 87% yield. 160 cameras get their chip.

If Sony wants 10,000 cameras, the first one needs 53 wafers. The second needs 63.

Yes, thanks, I didn't think of those two variables but you can very well be correct that current chips goes under a current contract with a fixed price that can't be changed by the chipmaker and also regarding the possibility of a worse yield on newer chips.

Anyway - the new image sensors require new tech and are produced in limited numbers. Image sensors like the A1 image sensor is about high risk and high return. Very profitable if successful, if not, well...

Next question is then: Does Sony do the "a" versions, the A7RIIIa and A7RIVa, and possibly if the rumor is correct, other similar small updated versions of other bodys due to component shortage or due to something else?

No one on here knows the exact reasons why Sony released the 'a' versions - it's just speculation. Anyone who does know will be locked down by confidentiality agreements.

From a marketing perspective the Sony long term strategy makes perfect sense.

Segmentation increase the likelyhood that customers select a Sony in favor of another brand - there is a Sony available in every price segment so why not just get a Sony.

At the same time there is long term return (no need to waste resources developing new lower priced models to attract that target group).

Look at the new cameras released by Sony. New tech and high prices. Perfectly targeting the tech geeks who are willing to pay. Others get the same tech later at a lower price.

The A7c seems more like a test to see how the market reacts, exactly as the original A7. If the concept succeeds then high tech high price versions will appear. Wait and see... 

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