Chip prices keeps Sony from launching new models a rumors says, but why I wonder?

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Re: Chip prices keeps Sony from launching new models a rumors says, but why I wonder?

lattesweden wrote:

Ok, so this is a so called "wild" rumor from SAR. But lets pretend it is real.

Then my question is: what would make it better for Sony to wait with the launch of new bodys and instead sell the older ones? Wouldn't higher chip prices also affect those?

Here is the quote from SAR: "I was told that the finalisation of the A7IV got postponed again due to current chip prices. As a result it’s expected the A7IV won’t be released in 2021. Some niche versions / variations of current camera models could be released instead in 2021."


The so called variations the above text talks about I read as more of the "a" versions with slightly improved components like the recent A7RIIIa and IVa, so maybe an A7IIIa etc.

Anyway, to summarize: why would it be better for Sony to keep producing the older bodys than launch new ones, what in such a move could be better from a chip cost perspective?

SAR = amusing fiction most of the time.  I suspect most of their stories are totally made up, based on educated/wild guesses.  This is a no brainer guess, all tech companies around the world are suffering from chip shortages.

Sony have their own Fabs, and design/produce their own sensors for themselves and others, so they are less constrained in that respect.  Although they will have fab/chip contracts to meet themselves, if they are restrained by chip shortages it will mostly likely be third party components.  Newer third-party chips they will likely want to use in a cutting edge product will have wide demand from all numbers of other companies and are in shortage, so the price will be high.  Older chips are usually fabbed in the millions so will be cheap and more available (although under demand pressure themselves), but are less suitable for a cutting edge product.  And it's not just chips, but connectors, screens, battery components etc etc.  They will likely make up a significant portion of the BoM which will push the overall price of the product up (or the margin down) and make it less competitive.

So as they already have a full and successful lineup of MILCs which are selling well, they have less incentive to release new versions.  Those waiting for an A7iv have plenty of other options in the A7c (which is almost like a A7iv-light), A9ii, A7Riv.  Sony can wait until the cost of 3rd party components comes down and the BoM gets under control, then release their new models, which might well be already finished and waiting to go.

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