Canon APS-C RF rumors

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Only CR1, but I can't believe Canon won't eventually do this. Obvious by now there is no more development of Canon APS-C DSLRs, and the M system has had nothing either.

EF-M is pretty complete as is and sells well.

RF APSC would sort of run into the problem of Z-DX, where a giant mount screws with your APSC camera and lens designs. It's possible for Canon to push RF APSC, but it would be a solution in search of a problem.

Ef-m system is incomplete and old.

With adapted EF glass, there's zero gaps. And the M6ii is still quite competitive body with some features that no one has matched (e.g. 32MP).

Sure, but you're not the typical target for APSC systems. The people who make the Canon M50 a best seller don't need "the best lenses." They need a comfortable body, maybe a few extra lenses, and affordable prices. They're not going to buy $3K RF lenses to stick on their $500 APSC camera.

Canon should probably develop a "birder's" APSC body for RF mount, but that doesn't preclude the existence of EF-M.

True reality. And either they know about it and prefer not to take any actions and new developments, or it was done for a reason to increase their sales.

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