How many of you have lost or crashed your drone ?

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Re: How many of you have lost or crashed your drone ?

NotASpeckOfCereal wrote:

qwzx9 wrote:

Be prepared to write off the money or forget buying a drone.


The current drones seem less reliable than the old ones.

Not to me. They seem much more reliable than they used to. My first drone never had any kind of obstacle avoidance mechanism. My current one has the all around and that has saved me from a lot of accidents.

GPS lock seems more intelligent now.

My old drone sometimes required me to balance the props, which I had to do with a spinning balance tool, sand paper and nail lacquer (to add weight where needed). The ne props don't need that.

Why do you feel they seem less reliable?


Having more features like obstacle avoidance, GPS lock (I think you mean faster response to maintain position) is not an improvement in reliability.

My opinion is based on the dji forum posts. Back in 2016 when I started flying a phantom Pro, most drone crashes were due to pilot error. Mavic Pros followed with flyaway issues, but we're still mainly pilot errors. The latest range seem to be plagued by battery failure. Most of these are due to poor equipment maintenance such as overheating by flying hard and fast in hot sunlight or infrequent use. More batteries showed swelling on first use or totaly dead in the box.  A battery failure is a fell from the sky incident. The smaller, lighter batteries heat up quickly because they are overloaded, compared with the unrestricted design weight of older drones. That is a fact, not an opinion.

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