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Re: Cracking little camera

johncecilian wrote:

I chose the XE4 instead of the XS10 because I have never been crazy about the articulating screen that flips out like a bird wing. The XE4 screen is very nicely titling and more so than the other Fuji’s since it can go pretty close to facing down about 90 degrees rather than the 45 degree angle.

Also, I got the hand grip and it does not make it much bigger in any kind of obnoxious way. Still nicely small and compact.

And finally I got the XE4 because you get the $400 newer 27mm lens for only $200 with the kit version and that is quite a bargain in my mind.

As a final thought I will say that also if you want to continue with small and lightweight, the XC 16-50 is a great lens which provides terrific IQ at all focus ranges and coupled with the XE4 it is a very nice package as well.

Decisions, decisions 😉

Fortunately (or not) the E4 + 27mm has not been available around here for a long time and I am not in a rush anyway.

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