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Re: For those who switched to mirrorless

Toilet Roll wrote:

Did you ever miss your DSLR, if so what? Ever wanted to move back or happy with your decision?

I missed some aspects after switching and think having both formats is equally useful. Even when DSLR production is stopped completely I think the bargains to be had for used bodies and lenses will be even more enticing for new and old photographers alike.

One point I do miss out on is Canon's large DSLR lens collection. From fisheyes and also turn shifts to incredibly telephoto lenses, Canon supplies some of the very best and most functional lenses that also big mirrorless producers such as Sony aren't producing yet. However, I stuck to the package lens for a full week for the benefit of this test. I found that despite its size, 18-135 is a precious focal array, especially for travel photography. After a week of schlepping it around, I obtained used to the size and eventually valued the convenience of the lens.

The ergonomics, dials, and also controls were all very acquainted and also very easy to use without making lots of custom-made settings as you typically need to with mirrorless video cameras such as Sonys and also Canon's latest EOS R and RP. It was incredibly easy to power on the video camera and simply begin shooting various subjects, from a broad landscape shot of a beach to homing know the green sea turtles that I suddenly identified swimming near the coast.

One function that I locate vital in mirrorless electronic cameras is the silent shutter. This is crucial for certain professionals capturing minutes, such as in amphitheaters or performances where shutter audios are discredited or when trying to record honest moments. On the Canon 90D, there's the extra sound of mirror slap, and its shutter is clunky and loud: as soon as even surprising a team of birds that I was attempting to photograph. There is no nuance or finesse in the shutter audio as well. While there is a full-electronic setting, you can not avoid the noise of the mirror opening for you to get involved in real-time view to use it. Also, in day-to-day traveling photography scenarios, the shutter noise was distracting not just to me, however likewise the topics I was attempting to photo.

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