Why every popup flash doesn't utilize this method as Sony?

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Re: Why every popup flash doesn't utilize this method as Sony?

ms18 wrote:

I Was a Canon APS-C user who went on Fuji. Recently I got to shoot with a Sony a6000 camera without external flash for a friendly indoor function.

I found that a600 flash has a trick in it's sleeve. You can bounce it! Although the power is not great it's make the pop up flash very useful with increased ISO. I would never use popup flash directly as it was on my fuji or previous Canon entry level cameras.

When i checked their latest APS-C cameras. It seem they have incorporated this amazing thing in them as well.

I think this Sony's amazing trick should be incorporated in every other popup flash.

A6000 was released in 2014 now 7 years passed. I'm shocked why no other cameras adopted this amazing feat?

My opinion is that if using a camera Speedlight flash indoors, our initial idea should be to initial respect establish if bounce flash is possible (a white ceiling not too expensive is suitable). Or, it can be bounced from a wall surface or the ceiling. Some usages have actually been to intend the flash head back over the shoulder on top of the back wall. Absolutely do attempt bounce flash so that you know about it, as well as just how to do it. It is just one of the very best devices, another method to mimic off-camera lights. If you have actually not tried it, you're missing out majorly.

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