Why every popup flash doesn't utilize this method as Sony?

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Re: Good idea, but not powerful enough

Donald B wrote:

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Donald B wrote:

Smaug01 wrote:

I've noticed that DPRs camera reviews of cameras with built-in flashes often comment on whether the built-in flash is bounce-able.

As others have said, to really be useful as a bounce flash, it needs to have much more power. The light needs to get up to the ceiling, where it gets diffused in the reflection process, then back down. It's more of a gimmick for special situations, I think.

You cant be serious .gimmick ? built in flashes were never designed to be bounced off surfaces.

I WOULD like to see more powerful built-in flashes in bridge cameras, even if they make the camera bigger, so that a built-in bounce flash could truly be used as such.

One of my first purchases in the past was a good bounce flash for my cameras. There are times when bumping ISO through the moon is not practical (too much noise or subjects in motion). Direct on-camera flash usually has "that look" which is not attractive.

An excellent example of a SUN-light fill-flash only possible w/ "leaf" shutter.

Not possible w/ any ILC w/ Focal-Plane shutter.

ND filter

I do not believe you used a ND filter for that shot ... (at least you didn't need to).

Your exposure is "correct" for SUN-light (1/1600s @ f/4 @ ISO-100).

And ND indeed WOULD be required w/ ILC & flash (limited to 1/200-250s), but an ND would also have resulted in decreased flash-range, (unless using a very high-power flash to begin with).

But the above shot would indeed have been possible w/ (lower-power) built-in strobe, (w/out ND).

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