How do you challenge your own taste on your photos vs that of others?

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That's the nature of commercial photography

To the OP, when dealing with clients, we've all had similar stories.

And don't worry if that drives you mad, it should.

Afterall it's your work, you want the best from your hard work to be seen by others and not the worst.

I can only offer my POV shooting people, but 100% sure the principles apply to other genres.


We' are the photographers.

Not trying to be an arrogant jerk, but I'm sure the photographer understands a bit more of photography than the person selecting the image (unless of course that person is specialized enough in imagemaking to understand more than you - not sure how often that is the case ).

When I shot fashion for brands, a lot of them were very small.

The person sometimes in the marketing department was a 22 yo girl.

Not buying at all she is more qualified to understand about photography than the photographer, nope, not buying it.

So naturally the client would end up with the worst shots. Happened far too many times.


Have in mind we, as photographers, are thinking on a shot as a whole. All elements are analysed as an entire, closed package.

We are looking for a good image. Not a good specialized solo feature.

Direct to the point, and yeah, I'm blunt about that:

Say you've shot a model.

You will pick a shot that was awesome. Perfect Rembrandt light, excelent composition, optimum use of the background, subtle flare adding mood, in focus, great overall pose, etc.

The client (say, the model herself) will pick a badly composed, badly lit, out of focus, no Rembrandt light, etc, shot because................................ that pose makes her look nice from behind.

Let's spare the "you're sexist!!!" comment. Let's deal with facts.

It. Simply. Happens. In. Real. Life. We. Are. Humans. Afterall.

A clothing brand will likely forget everything from a bad shot, if the outfit looks a bit more sellable in that badly composed / lit shot.

They're not looking for a good photograph, but a specific feature.

If the feature is there, that's the shot, no matter if there're 20 much better shots in the sequence.

And of course, that drives us nuts, because we know everything else besides that 1 solo feature is actually worse.

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