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Re: Do You Even FF Bro?

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Good for you for using the gear that you like. I also use the gear that I like. Sometimes it's FF, sometimes it's M43. Sometimes it's APS-C. Sometimes it's film.

I'm not sure why - you "the real word of taking pictures" - feel the need to brag about your gear to "us the virtual world of posting in forums."

Yeah, I agree... a lot of complaining about something that shouldn't really be so controversial, taking a bout the pros and cons of particular formats. I don't find such a discussion annoying at all, particularly not as annoying as the "mine is bigger" sentiment of some folks who use larger formats and seem to be insecure about their skills. I'm not going to be so presumptuous as to tout my own skills, but I will say that a lot of my favorite contemporary photography has been done with m43 and APSC gear, which to me is a lot more compelling reason to consider this stuff than some kind of chart or theoretical discussion about equivalence. The extra gains that are seen on some kind of tech chart don't always translate to a better result in the real world and there are often very good reasons why larger, more expensive gear might not be the best choice...

I tend to think that each camera has a personality.

Or to put it in more science-sounding terms, a shooting envelope.

Olympus cameras are great for birding because they're ruggedized, weather sealed and their long lenses are light weight. The crop sensor means you get more reach with lighter gear.

Full frame cameras can go to larger apertures in low light scenarios. They also have an advantage in studio shooting situations where your control over strobe and ambient exposure is important. But nobody seems to talk about practical things like this, they just post studio comparison scenes at the same ISO without thinking about how the exposure triangle works.


I'm in a position where I own cameras from nearly every major camera manufacturer and have tested them against each other (see link in sig). And you know what - I reach for different cameras for different situations.

"Good" skin tones SOOC JPG - Fuji X-Pro1 .

Black & White - the Ricoh GXR has a high ISO noise grain that is just amazing, though the manual focus aids are decidedly last decade.

Sunsets - Olympus Pen-F, I have to work the least hard to get their colors to what I remembered - I don't know if it's their white balance algorithms or what but their sunsets are always closest to what I saw.

Event photography - if I don't need flash, my beat up Sony A7 with Voigtlander 35mm f/1.2 - manual focus lets me compose and focus at the same time (no focus + recompose), and the large aperture gives me plenty of low light + subject isolation capabilities. (And the bokeh on the Voigtlander is great - see the RIcoh GXR link above.)

I swear if I launched camera review channel, I would call it "camera tasting notes" because I couldn't give a toss about specs.

Each camera (and camera system) has a different flavor - and sure most of us don't have the luxury of having lots of different cameras so we want the one best camera we can afford, but to openly discuss the merits of different systems - well we end up with threads like this.

Yeah, I have a pretty solid understanding about what different kinds of cameras can do and I suppose that if I had lots of choices that I'd find uses for all of them. I don't really have the means to own all of that stuff and even if I did, owning a closet full of camera gear wouldn't be a high priority (I'd be worried that I wound't get enough use on it because I'm not shooting on anything like a daily basis). I mostly do a kind of on-the-go photography which my m43 gear (I also have a Pen F) seems ideally suiting to, but I also do low-light performance type stuff, some shooting with off camera flash, etc and though there are certain moments where I definitely feel that my gear is less than ideal for what I'm trying to do, for the most part, I can make it all work. There's something to be said for a modest, compact kit that is versatile to do nearly everything that you ask it to, even if not as perfectly as if you had more to choose from. It's also nice to only have to acclimate yourself to a single system...

Honestly - stick with what you've got. I was much happier shooting just my Nikon D7000 and 35mm f1.8 G lens for about 5 years than I have been since. I got to know exactly how to use that camera to get the results I wanted - except for minor issues with autofocus (focusing on a busy background instead of the subject) - it was great...

Owning multiple camera systems is more trouble than it's worth. I not only have to keep track of cameras and lenses, but also batteries. I just got a new Fuji body and I got the X-S10 - which has an awful user interface (the Youtube reviews don't tell you about that) and is sluggish - but I chose it because the idea of buying into yet another battery to have to keep track of was too much for me to deal with.

And if you do switch systems - test it out in a low risk way & see if you really like it, and then either return it, or go all-in on the new system - maintaining two systems isn't worth it. Not unless you have two totally different shooting styles (like birding vs studio).

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