1Password 8 dropping Standalone (local) vaults

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Re: 1Password 8 dropping Standalone (local) vaults

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Beyond the ability to sync your data among all of your devices, I do not see an advantage of not having a local copy of your vault. I consider a local vault to be a "backup" of the Cloud vault. Hopefully 1Password stores customer data on multiple servers at different geographic locations for better data security. But I still want to have physical control over my data.

Earlier I asked what happens if your Internet is down and you need to access the data but I haven't received an answer yet. . .

Local cache. So if you say entered a new password on your desktop and it was in the cloud, but you only opened it on your phone with no internet connection, then yeah, that new password couldn't synch. But when my internet it out I can still access passwords. As with Keychain, etc. They are cached on each device.

I suppose you could just export a file and store that locally, since you could always import it if need be.

So there would be a local cache containing all the various data including PDF copies of software licenses? And that cache could be as large as the 1Password subscription account limits?

I'm not sure. I know I can access them when my wifi is off.

Correct me if I am wrong. . . I think that if you don't have the optional iCloud "optimization" enabled and you have sufficient storage on your Mac, you should have a copy of your Vault on your Mac.

I have recently been trying to fully grok how iCloud works and I admit that it has been something of a struggle. . . I have yet to experience the Ah Ha! moment where everything makes perfect sense, so I am still working at it. LOL

Not sure how to help with that. But in reality it's not a whole lot different than your email. There are things on a server, that has industrial strength backup, and then synch down to a client on your Mac.

I use POP email and it works differently than IMAP, but I get your point. . .

I'm afraid that I alluded to both data syncing and iCloud Drive in my previous post. And the operate somewhat differently. . .

Based on my reading in Take Control of iCloud, iCloud Drive leaves the original data on your Mac unless you have optimization enabled. In that case, when the local files have been deleted from your Mac after being uploaded, they may not be available if the Internet is down for some reason. Since 1Password data is stored in iCloud Drive if configured to do so, that data would also be unavailable.

I am a 1Password subscriber. Hence I don't worry about iCloud optimization for vaults. If 1Password is optimizing storage, fine. I'm not aware of that however.

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