Comparative size of viewfinder D7500 vs Z50/Zfc and D850 vs Z6/Z7

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Re: Comparative size of viewfinder D7500 vs Z50/Zfc and D850 vs Z6/Z7

romfordbluenose wrote:

Apart from the difference of image quality between a pentaprism viewfinder and an electronic viewfinder would someone be able to give a view of the actual size of what you can see from a personal and actual use point of view. I just can't work out what all the size and multipliers mean when I read the specs and I can't get out to a shop to try anything out in the UK.

So I had a D800 where the viewfinder was magic. I had a D5300 where the viewfinder image was just not good enough for me. I now have a D7500 where the viewfinder is again OK. My eyes are just not good enough for the D5x00 series any more.

So how does the Z50 viewfinder compare to the D7500 in terms of size, and also the Z6/Z7 compare to the D850. Also how do the Z50 and Z6/7 compare against each other.

An explanation of the tech spec sizes for each camera viewfinder would also be helpful so I then know how to change all the multiplication factors to actual viewfinder size for each sensor size.

I have a Z50 which replaced a D3400 for me as a compact alternative to my FF DSLR (D600). The EVF of the Z50 is definitely larger than the OVF of the D3400, which I think is the same or slightly bigger than the D5000-series. The OVF of the D600 is slightly larger than the EVF of the Z50, so I think it is probable that EVF of the Z50 and the OVF of the D7500 is about the same.

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